New Delhi, August 10,2019: Is fitness on your mind? How about achieving your fitness goals with wholesome snack? The new granola bar by GAIA which is the perfect snack you need.

Gaia Sport Almond and Raisin granola bar is a multi-nutrient bar which is wholesome, gluten free and ideal to be carried on-the go. Its healthy ingredients like raisins almonds, honey, glucose, oats, rice crispies along with many other make it nutritious and energizing.

The high fiber content in the bar has benefits of maintaining low cholesterol, healthy weight and normal blood sugar levels. While the protein content helps improve metabolism, strengths bones, muscles and cartilages. Along with the healthy ingredients the delicious chocolate coating makes it a tasty snack to boost your long training sessions anytime, anywhere.

Price & Availability:

Gaia Sport Almond & Raisin Granola Bar is available in 30 g pack for at Rs 30.

Available at all leading stores.

Visit to get a host of valuable health information.

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