New Delhi, August 10, 2019: Ever thought of a citrusy and tangy bathing experience with the freshness of real oranges? Well skinella is here with its new soap that will not only make you feel refreshed with its strong fragrance but is also gentle for the skin and free of any harsh chemicals.

Skinella’s new Orange Zest soap is completely handmade and tender resulting in clear, smooth and radiant skin. Its 100% natural extracts and mix of rich essential oils like almond, orange, coconut, glycerin and vegetable oil makes its chemical free and skin nourishing. It is also made 100% vegetarian, paraben free, sulphate free to avoid any harshness or irritation to the skin. The soap’s strong orangy fragrance is derived from natural orange peels which fills you with a feeling of freshness daily. The high citric and Vitamin C content of the orange peel extract exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, leaving you with a healthy-looking glow. Its goodness has been WHO GMP certified and ISO certified, making it a trusted alternative.

Price & Availibility:

Skinella Orange Zest Handmade soap is available at 100 g at a price of Rs 75.

Available at all leading stores.

Visit to get a host of valuable skin care information.

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