Bangalore , April 01, 2014 – HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, The Specialist in Cancer Care, has joined hands with Hudooku Solutions Pvt. Ltd, to create accessibility for patients, doctors, care givers, searching healthcare information online, by developing a “One Stop” health information network.

Dinesh Madhavan, Director, Healthcare Services, HCG Enterprise, said, “We are happy to partner in creating accessibility to quality health information, educate people on the preventive health measures and creating a common platform & pool to be shared among the various users on the internet.
Ajay V, Chief Product Officer, Hudooku, said, “In India, there are more than 160 million net users. Indian internet users spends around 8 hours a day on the internet, of which 17% of the time is spent on the internet looking for health related information Yet there is no common global platform for patients, physicians, and researchers to discover and collaborate with each other. Hudooku in partnership with HCG, will help these people find each other and collaborate to build a strong community and information network which will help all others to benefit from this information pool. It brings patients, care givers, and doctors on to a single platform where authentic experiences, information gets shared and used”. CCI Newswire


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